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HANS600S is an UV laser model; it is suitable for a large amount of material marking,

especially for the PE and soft package,

with obvious contrast effect on color change, and with no damage on material.

Appearance of whole machine is aluminum alloy and lacquered sheet metal,

mainly combined with laser girder/control unit and lifting support.
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It adopts Draco series lasers with Han’s Laser’s independent intellectual property rights;

embody the highest level of domestic laser currently.

Same types of lasers sales have accumulated more than 4000 units.

The head of laser can rotate ±90°and marking for each side of directions, easy for adjustment.
It adopts industrial control computer + display + mouse + Keyboard operation,

operation is similar to home using computer, easy for learning.
Device with standard network interface/serial port/USB port/speed texting encoder connector

and extended port will easy for data communication and hardware expansion.
WINDOWS operation system, customized marking software, Chinese surface, easy for operation and learning.

Aplicación y muestras:
Mainly use for plastic materials, e.g.: PE/PP/PS plastic.

Moreover, it is suitable for the soft packing film (bag) with obvious contrast effect on color change,

and without damage on material.
Enable to mark numbers/symbol/characters/Chinese characters/graphic/ one-dimensional code/QR code and etc.

Technical Specs:
Laser Power Rate: ≤15W
Cooling Mode: constant temperature water cooling
Standard Marking Range: 100mm*100mm
Laser Focus: 188mm
Minimum Linewidth: 0.05mm
Minimum Character Height: 0.3mm
Operating Environment Temperature: from -10℃-45℃
Power Supply Requirement: AC 220V/50HZ/10A
Overall Power Consumption: ≤2KW
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